I Was Disowned By My Best Friends

So I got dumped. Not by a boy, but by my best friends. These were my Sex in the City girls- we were together everyday, we shared clothes and make up, you get the point. In a very short matter of time, these girls became my future bridesmaids and god mothers to my future children. I expected the three of us to grow old together and go from Sex in the City to the Golden Girls. Continue reading “I Was Disowned By My Best Friends”

LDR’s… Do They Work?

People always assume that long distance relationships are just
like the movies- either they’re magical and full of romance or they crash and burn just as soon as they began. Well, to be honest… They’re a little bit of both.

Continue reading “LDR’s… Do They Work?”

Kindergarten Woes

My son started school this year. If I thought that I didn’t have a life before, I was wrong. Way wrong. Angel being in school while I am also a full-time student and hold a full-time job has been one of the harder challenges I’ve faced in recent times (keep in mind that I just had my braces removed AND I’ve taken on a new weight-gaining diet).

While afternoon homework sessions are not my idea of winding down after a long day at work, I will choose that 100 times before choosing any morning on a school day. The mornings between Monday and Friday have quickly become my worst nightmare, but I am a champion and will prevail. Here are the 3 things that have saved my life (and sanity). Continue reading “Kindergarten Woes”

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